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01/11/2016 16:27:45

When I try to adjust the order of layers, it makes no difference to the actual visual display of them.


Any ideas?


Flood Modeller Support

01/11/2016 18:27:07


I've seen this happen on occasions when one or multiple 2D results files are loaded in the map view - is this the case for you here? I think the bug in the code relates to this particular situation, i.e. when multiple 2D results sets are present on the map. I have, though, also seen multiple 2D results loaded and be shown in the correct order - I think the problem is triggered when after loading the 2D results the order of layers is changed by dragging a selected layer up or down.

One thing that you could try is sorting selected layers into different groups (rather than all in the same default group in the Layers panel) - however the error may still occur even with this option, so it is by no means a foolproof solution.

Anyway it is a problem we are aware of and will aim to rectify in the next release, if not before.

Thanks and regards




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