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25/07/2019 12:36:58

I have a model that I've been running from -5 hours to 0 hours.  The times series plots look good but the long-section animations don't seem to work correctly - they stick at the initial water level until the last time step (0) and then jump to the results at that time.

Is this a known bug?


Flood Modeller Support

25/07/2019 15:20:42


Thanks for reporting this one. It seems this is a bug that has been present in the code for at least 7 years (as I've found the same behaviour in the old ISIS interface also).

The issue only affects long section and cross section animations. Time series plots will show the full range of outputs correctly including any negative time periods. Similarly, a long section or cross section can be specified to show a snapshot of data from any time within a simulation, including a negative time, and this will display the correct data. It's just when the animation is turned on the displayed data doesn't change from the first timestep values while the time bar is in a negative position. As soon as the time bar passes zero the display "jumps" to the data from that time and the animation then proceeds to update correctly.

Considering this has been around for so long I'm surprised no one has reported it before. Anyway, now we're aware of it, we will endeavour to correct things for a subsequent release in the near future.

Thanks and regards



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