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20/03/2019 17:10:56

 Two issues, which might be related.  

  1. If you have an IEF which references more than one IED and wish to delete one IED, pressing delete seems to remove all of the IED rows.
  2. If you open and IEF with more than one IED row and then switch to an IED with fewer rows, the extra rows from the first IEF appear in the second IED - so if you save that IED it will be referencing additional IEDs.



Flood Modeller Support

20/03/2019 18:09:39


Many thanks for pointing this out. Have just checked and I can also see this behaviour. I found that issue #2 seems to be when you switch from one ief to another using the File > open menu in the 1D model interface - however if you close the interface and then open the next ief from your Flood Modeller project (so the 1D model interface re-opens) then the event file data are correctly displayed.

We are currently in the beta test phase for v4.5 of the software. These issues have now been investigated as part of this process and I am pleased to inform you that they will be fixed in the release version of Flood Modeller v4.5 (which will be available shortly).




20/03/2019 18:38:35

Thanks Bob,

That's swift service!

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