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07/06/2017 15:53:09


Some users have reported problems visualiing their Flood Viewer projectsin their web browser. This is actually due to recent changes in Adobe Flash. The Adobe default security settings no longer allow local content, i.e. content created on your machine such as a Flood Viewer project, to load automatically. To get around this issue you need to access and change the Adobe Settings as follows:

  1. In internet Explorer (or probably any browser you use to open your Flood Viewer project), while you are trying to load a Flood Viewer project, right-click on the centre of the page. You should see an Adobe menu. Select "Global Settings".

  2. You should see a new window pop-up after a few seconds, entitled Flash Player Settings Manager. Select the "Advanced" tab

  3. Next click the button called "Trusted location settings". This will display another window that allows you to add files or folder names to a list of local places that Adobe will allow data to be loaded from. Use the Add button and then Add Folder button to browse to your Flood Viewer project location and add this folder to the list. Note that you can add a higher folder as Adobe should then accept anything in any sub-folders from this (although I'm not sure going as high as the entire C-drive would always work - you can always try it to see).

  4. After making the above changes to settings close down all the Adobe Settings windows and then refresh the Flood Viewer page in your browser. Hopefully it will then load successfully after a few seconds.

Unfortunately this is the only way to get current Flood Viewer projects to load on newer systems running the updated Adobe. As a consequence of the Adobe changes we are currently looking at modifying Flood Viewer so hopefully the above process won't be required in future.

I hope this information is useful.



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