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Jon Lloyd

07/09/2017 14:21:12



I've recently noticed an issue with the Auto-interpolate tool in Flood Modeller. For whatever reason, when using auto-interpolate between two nodes, the easting and northing of the interpolated section does not update. I have tried using the 'fill in missing easting and northing' tool as well as the geo-reference all cross sections and each time the tool fails to update the information in the interpolates. Peculiarly, when you select the auto-interpolated node and move it on the map, the easting and northing automatically update. This leads me to believe that this may be a bug within the auto-interpolate tool and I wonder if anyone has encountered a similar problem / knows any solutions.


Many thanks,




Flood Modeller Support

08/09/2017 10:30:24

Hi Jon

The auto-interpolate tool should position interpolates on the map view between the cross sections you're interpolating between (at interpolated distances along the reach). Do you see this with your model, despite the easting and northing fields not being filled in? The node positions on the map are specified in the gxy file (text file) that accompanies each Flood Modeller network, whereas the easting and northing fields in the interpolate unit properties are there purely for user reference and are not utilised in any map display or by any part of the 1D solver during a simulation.

So I think you are correct that this is a bug as for completeness the tool should populate the fields in the unit properties window, copying the calculate coordinates across from the gxy file. However, the bug should have no adverse effect to your model simulations or the displaying of your model in the interface. All the same, I'll add this to the development list so it should be rectified in a future release.

I hope this clarifies the issue you've reported.





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