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14/07/2015 14:39:12

Hello all,

I have downloaded a DTM from Geomatics that comes in tiles (.asc) and when i put these into GIS and mosaic them together they become a FGDBR file. It enables me to load the individual tiles into ISIS but not the mosaic file. I have tried converting it to an ascii file on GIS but it then creats a .prj file. Does anybody know how I get the mosaic raster into ISIS?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks


15/07/2015 12:54:11

Hi Jess,

have you tried "mosaic to new raster" in data management tool in ArcGIS? With this tool, you can create a single raster from your tiles which you can then convert to .asc file. I can load .asc files with .prj files into ISIS. The .prj file stores information about the spatial reference of the data and should not be a problem.




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