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Monica Macias Jimenez

07/11/2017 10:05:47

Hi all,

I am new using v4.3. I have found that the running window does not give me a pop window when the model crashes as it used to do before. Not in 1D2D linking models at least. It is quite hard to know when the model fail while doing other things. I need to keep looking until I see the output window has given me an error. I am not sure if I am missing a preference button in which I can set to be notified when the model crashes though. Any possibility to have that?

As an observation I would like to point out that I find less useful to have the TuFLOW window within the FM one because to track the model run is more complicated.





Flood Modeller Support

07/11/2017 11:09:05

Hi Monica

At the moment if a model simulation fails and ends early you should see the simulation window automatically select the output tab and jump to the error message within the diagnostic information. Also the progress bar should turn red. However, as you say, if you have moved onto a different application you will need to check back on Flood Modeller to see this.

In future though, we can definitely look at providing some additional signal that a run has ended, e.g. the Flood Modeller icon in the status bar we could make change colour to signify something has happened.



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