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P McAteer

14/04/2016 15:33:01

On adding a culvert (u/s and d/s) with inlet and outlet to a 1D-2D model, I received the following warning several hundred times:

'WARNING: Sending lateral inflow to unit Pipe2 with no downstream unit - sending to upstream unit'

I imagine this has to do with overflows, but don't understand why there is no downstream unit. Can anyone help, please?




14/04/2016 16:24:17

Hi Philip,

It sounds like your link line ’node1’ refers to a 1D node that has zero distance to next and therefore the link line is unable to extract a volume of water from the node due to the zero distance. The best practice is to break the link line at the structure, so the 'node 2' on the upstream side of the culvert should be the cross section immediately upstream of the culvert. The downstream link line ‘node1’ should be the cross section immediately downstream of the culvert.

I hope this helps.



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