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teerawat pechsringam

06/12/2016 06:11:33

I want to see outflow at lastnode or Export outflow to .csv, .text, .xls file node-to-node.

Who know please answer my question.




Flood Modeller Support

06/12/2016 10:00:05

Hi Teerawat

If you want to view time series results from your 1D model at just a single node then highlight the relevant node either in the network table (right-hand panel) or onthe map, then right-click and select the time series option from the displayed menu. If your results are associated to the currently active 1D simulation file (shown in bold in the Project Panel > Simulations list) then you should be able to automatically access the results, otherwise you may need to browse to the 1D results file (zzl / zzn files). The pop-up window allows you to also select a parameter, e.g. flow, and then once everything is selected you can view the data on a plot.

Right-clicking on a 1D results plot will present a menu with options to export the plot data to a csv file.

If you want to extract results from multiple 1D nodes to csv format you can use the TabularCSV tool on the Results tab of the main toolbar in the Flood Modeller interface. There should be guidance on using this in the Help. The tool will enable you to select multiple nodes to export a selected parameter from into a user specified csv file.

I hope this helps




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