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06/09/2016 09:46:10


I am running a 1D model.  When a USBPR bridge in the model surcharges the upgradient water levels appear to be severely overestimated.  Is there any way of specifying the distance between top of orifice opening and top of bridge wall.

I would like to propose a mitigation measure of a flat deck bridge also but not sure how to input this.  This would allow water to flow over the top of the bridge during surcharge, and presumably limit the upgradient flood levels.  I've tried a culvert but similar problem.




06/09/2016 09:58:16

Hi Colin,

If I understand your problem correctly you want to allow water to flow over the bridge deck when it gets to a certain level?

Just put a spill unit modelling the crest of the bridge wall to connect US and DS of the bridge.



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