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21/07/2015 14:05:36

I'm new to Flood Modeller and would like to create 1D channel cross-sections with variable roughness. This was possible in ISIS 1D via the CES Roughness Advisor, but I cannot find a similar tool in FM. Also, Flood Modeller seems to use Manning's n whilst CES used an alternative roughness coefficient. I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks.


21/07/2015 17:19:33

So I've been creating CES sections manually, however, I'm having trouble with the 'Roughness Data' tab:

It is not possible to edit roughness value.

When I try to insert a new section it says: "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window."

When I try to edit the zone name: "Access violation at address 0CB9E76C in module 'IsisInterfaceLibrary.dll'. Read of address 000000C8."


29/03/2016 15:41:40


I am having the same issue, did you resolve it?


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