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07/06/2016 12:24:02

Hi everyone, I’m currently trying to set up a river model in FM Free for a 1D simulation.

My question: when I import a cross section with „import CSV as Cross Sections“ tool, do the selected points have to be located in a perfect straight line?

Getting data from a survey, a measured river profile in nature, the points will rather show up in a „zig-zag“ way. So, is it necessary to align them first somehow before importing them into the model?

Hope you understand my problem & thanks for your answers in advance!


07/06/2016 13:00:54

Best answer

Hi Thomas,

They don't have to be in a straight line, but I would advise you make sure they are sorted into order (Left to right, or right to left etc.).



16/06/2016 11:06:31

Thanks for your reply, Ben!!
I already tried it out, and (taking care about the sorting) it worked perfectly.
Saves a lot of extra work as well this way. laughing

Bye, Thomas

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