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20/02/2016 01:51:42

I am trying to build a 1d-2d simulation of a river diversion overflowing it's banks. I can run the steady sim ok. I've included a picture of a long section of the result:



However when I run an unsteady model, it always gives the error:

*** error E1100 *** at label: PD0_029
Model is diverging.


If I change the timestep, it can run for a little bit in the 20 - 25s range (about 9% complete), but anything other than that, it will bring the error up almost immediately.


18/03/2016 10:30:02

Hi appech,

It looks like there are some very step sections of the watercourse with sudden drops in elevation. Are you modelling these step sections with cross sections? I’d suggest reviewing the model schematisation in these areas and potentially replace the step sections with a weir or spill units to help improve the stability.



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