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N Chapman

05/12/2016 12:11:38



In version FM  4.1 it was possible to load ief and dat files by dragging them to the subfolders on the Project window. However this doesn’t seem to work on my version of FM 4.2.


Is this something that should work? If so how do I get it to work?


Otherwise is it a feature than can be brought back in the next release?


Thank you,




Flood Modeller Support

05/12/2016 16:56:09

Hi Nick

Unfortunately we found that it was possible to corrupt a project if you drag a file to the wrong project sub-folder. As a consequence we had to disable the option to drag files into the project panel in the latest release. We will look at fixing the issues with this functionality for a future release.

However, it should still be possible to drag compatible files onto the map or into the Layers Panel. In addition to GIS datasets this also includes 1D networks and 2D xml files. Unfortunately the 1D networks cannot then be dragged from the Layers Panel to the Project Panel, although you can drag them into the 1D simulation window to enable them to be run (plus the 1D network referenced in a 1D ief file will be loaded into the project panel automatically when the ief file is set as "Active").




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