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Monica Macias Jimenez

27/06/2017 08:26:37

 Hi everyone,

I am working on a model which is only based on routing cross sections (Muskingum X) and I would like to see my water level displayed within my cross sections or the long plot. It seems is not possible and I only can see the cross sections but not able to display maximum water level on them. Is there a trick to see if the water is in bank? It would be helpful also to be able to do an animation or a long plot.





27/06/2017 09:57:28

Hi YukusagiSohma,

After displaying your long section or cross section, right-click the the chart and choose "Add Series". Then select "Unsteady Results (from this model)". Then a dialogue box will pop, in the "Variable" field, choose the "Stage" option and click "Add" button. This should display the water level. I hope this helps

Monica Macias Jimenez

27/06/2017 15:24:33

Hi AdeAdejobi,


Thanks for your reply but that is what you do at normal cross sections. However, in routing cross sections add series is in grey and it cannot be selected. It seems I cannot add images here or I did not find the correct button otherwise, I will show you.




Flood Modeller Support

30/06/2017 13:44:10

Hi Monica :-)

I don't think there's an easy way to display the WL on the XSEC section plot I'm afraid. However, you should be able to plot a long profile of WLs [animations, max WL, etc.] OK (though not the section data), and also time series of WL.

I guess it's historically because the routing sections work in discharge only (though in the case of the XSEC it seems a shame not to use the data that went into it; I'll get this looked at)

Best regards,


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