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31/07/2015 15:37:58

What's the best way of representing debris dams or stable large woody debris within Flood Modeller?  I'd be interested to hear about any approaches which have been tried.




04/09/2015 12:02:39

Hi Fiona,

Did you have any luck with modelling your debris dams in Flood Modeller? Sounds like we're currently looking at a very similar project. For our early runs we're using a 1D spill unit to represent the dam crest with a thin notch cut out to allow flow through the structure at lower flows. We're running sensitivity tests on the geometry of the notch too. Is this a similar approach to yours?




Flood Modeller Support

09/12/2015 09:50:27

Dave gave an excellent presentation on this subject a couple of weeks back at the 2015 European Flood Modeller Suite Conference: https://www.floodmodeller.com/en-gb/downloads/other/conference-proceedings/ (Pushing the boundaries of Flood Modeller Pro)


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