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Tinca Tinca

04/03/2020 16:43:45

Hi, I'm trying to convert a model from HecRas to FMP. I've found some useful guidance on this website for importing cross section data, thanks. However, when I right click on the dat table to Import from HecRas (step 3) the option is not available. Can anyone tell me why the option is not availble?




Flood Modeller Support

04/03/2020 19:27:38

Hi Tim

I can think of two possible reasons why you maybe ar not seeing the right-click menu containing the HEC-RAS import function. Firstly if you're seeing no menu at all when you right-click on the Network tab of the right-hand panel then this would indicate that something has gone wrong for you in step 2 of the guidance. Step 2 details how to set up a new, empty Flood Modeller 1D network to receive the HEC-RAS data. Alternatively you could choose an existing network that already has some data in and import into this instead. Either way there needs to be a network of some sort loaded in the interface and set to active (if there is only one network present then this will be active by default). If you have no active network loaded then the right-click menu, which only relates to operations on an active network, will be hidden. If you re-do step 2 in the guide, hopefully this will get you an active network and the right-click menu will then be available.

If you do already have an active network and can access the right-click menu on the right panel but the menu does not include an import HEC-RAS option then could it be you're runnimg an old version of Flood Modeller? The import from HEC-RAS function was added to v4.2 onwards. You can check which version you have by clicking on the Start tab of the main Toolbar and then look at the upper right corner of the Info page.

Hopefully one of the above will solve your problem.

Kind regards


Tinca Tinca

05/03/2020 08:48:50

Hi Bob, thanks for gettting back to me so quickly. I've created an empty 1D network and right clicked but the option isn't there. It looks like we are using FMP 4.0 so an upgrade might be required!

Many thanks for your help, Tim

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