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Nikos Parlantzas

06/04/2016 09:43:28

[Edited 8:49 7th April 2016]

Hi all,

​I've been asked to create a 1D hydraulic model with culverts of different geometrical types connected invert to invert.

I tried creating separate geometric conduit nodes in ISIS v3.7, but I get the following error: 'Geometric conduits must be attached to another of the same type'. I was wondering if there is a way to represent this culvert layout within ISIS v3.7 by connecting conduits of different shape/type and if yes, how is this possible (perhaps add junctions between different types of culverts?).

​Thank you in advance.



Flood Modeller Support

07/04/2016 08:26:25

Connecting a junction between your different pipes is a good solution and will work; you may also wish to consider a loss unit (e.g. general head loss or Bernoulli loss) instead of the junction as there may be other (e.g. contraction/expansion) losses involved.

NB If the conduit was changing shape along its length, you'd need to use the CONDUIT SECTION unit and put in the section coordinates yourself, but this is not the case in your situation as I understand.


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