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What currency can I pay in?

We can invoice you in GBP, USD or EUR.

How much does Flood Modeller cost?

The Free edition is available at no cost. If you need access to the Standard or Professional editions, please request a copy of the price list

How do I make payment?

An invoice will be raised, allowing you to make payment using a credit card or BACS.

What much does Flood Cloud cost?

Flood Cloud is a pay as your go service which uses credits per simulation hour.

Credits can be purchased in packages of 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000.

Flood Modeller only simulations (1D, 2D and 1D-2D linked) and TUFLOW only simulations are charged from 1.69 credits per simulation hour.

Flood Modeller-TUFLOW (1D-2D) linked simulations are charged from 2.02 credits per simulation hour.

HEC-RAS simulations are charged from 1.36 credits per simulation hour.

Does it cost more to model multiple 2D domains within Flood Modeller 2D?

No, you can model multiple 2D domains at no additional cost within Flood Modeller.

Can I rent the software on a monthly basis?

Yes, both Flood Modeller and TUFLOW can be rented from Jacobs on a monthly basis. Request a copy of the price list for further information or contact your local representative

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