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Can ISIS-TUFLOW models run with Flood Modeller and TUFLOW?

Yes. The TUFLOW link in Flood Modeller is compatible with previous versions of our software.

Can Flood Modeller run existing ISIS models?

Yes. Flood Modeller can open, edit and run models previously built within ISIS.

Additionally, ISIS-TUFLOW (1D-2D) linked models can also be opened, edited and run in Flood Modeller-TUFLOW.

Does Flood Modeller Pro v4.3 work with a Sentinel dongle?

Recently we have had reports that the latest Sentinel drivers (v7.6.9) are not compatible with Flood Modeller v4.3.

Uninstalling v7.6.9 of Sentinel drivers and installing v7.6.6 should resolve this issue.

You can obtain v7.6.6 of Sentinel drivers from the link here

Are tutorials or model data available for new users?

Yes, tutorials and example data sets are available under the 'Help and Support' section on our website and from within the software installation.

Is Flood Modeller backward compatible?

Flood Modeller is backwards compatible with old versions of ISIS (e.g. v2.x, 3.x, etc)

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