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Still using HEC-RAS?

You could be incurring hidden costs and issues, which could be quickly and easily resolved from just £150 per month.

Flood Modeller provides everything you need to obtain a detailed and fully integrated understanding of flood risk.

✔️ Confidently model rivers, surface water and urban drainage systems

✔️ Access your 2D results faster using Flood Modeller's GPU solver
✔️ Benefit from on-demand technical support at no extra cost
✔️ Approved and used by the UK and Irish Government
✔️ Build on existing Flood Modeller models to accelerate delivery 
✔️ Use our extensive toolkit to convert existing HEC-RAS models 

Convert your HEC-RAS models to Flood Modeller in 5 simple steps

Flood Modeller's HEC-RAS import tool allows you to easily convert your 1D open-channel HEC-RAS models to Flood Modeller, providing you with a quick and efficient way of utilising existing models.

Laptop with software screenshot (Forsyth
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