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Training from CH2M

Effective training enhances capabilities and enables you to get the most out of the software you use. We provide training courses for engineers, scientists and others involved in environmental and infrastructure management and development.

The emphasis of our courses is on the provision of interactive, practical-based training which is provided by a knowledgeable and specialist team who are all keen to pass on their extensive experience.

Our courses focus on 1D and 2D flood modelling using CH2M's Flood Modeller Pro and BMT WBM's TUFLOW. They have been developed to provide cost-effective and well-structured training that is flexible and tailored to clients' specific needs.

Our training courses

Training courses from CH2M

Introduction to Flood Modeller (basic 1D/2D modelling)

New to food modelling or CH2M's industry-leading Flood Modeller Free or Flood Modeller Pro software? This course provides an introduction to 1D and 2D modelling techniques and guides the attendees through the building, running and reviewing of their own 1D and 2D models.


Advanced Flood Modeller (focuses on 2D modelling)

Experienced in flood risk modelling? Unlock the full potential of Flood Modeller Pro! This course focuses on 2D modelling using Flood Modeller Pro's 2D solvers as well as covering a number of advanced 1D modelling techniques available within the software.

Courses by CH2M

2D flood modelling using TUFLOW

CH2M is a distributor for TUFLOW, providing technical support and training. This course aimed at those involved in the development and review of hydraulic models and focussing primarily on 2D floodplain representation using TUFLOW within Flood Modeller's interface.

Scheduled training courses

Our scheduled courses are available as part of an open programme and are delivered on various dates and at different venues throughout the year. Each training course can accommodate up to eight individuals which ensures the best possible learning experience is provided.

Everybody that attends a CH2M course will receive comprehensive course notes, practical exercises and additional support material. Specialist laptops are provided to allow you to undertake the training effectively.

Bespoke training courses

Our bespoke courses are run for specific organisations that have a number of people who require training or would like to undertake a course which is not currently offered as part of our open programme. These courses provide a flexible and cost effective solution to learning.

Bespoke training courses allow the content to be designed to take into account the skills, experience and knowledge of those wishing to attend. The practical based work can be carried out using your existing flood model data, which provides an aspect of familiarity.

  • Courses can be delivered at any location nationally or internationally and at a date and time that is convenient for you

  • Content is created specifically for your organisation, taking into account the skills, experience and knowledge of those attending

  • Specialist training laptops and software are provided whether the training is held at your office or one of ours

  • Provides a cost effective solution which saves on travel expenses and time away from the office

  • Ensures the best possible learning experience is provided allowing attendees to confidently use the software on their own

Meet the training team

Our training courses are provided by a knowledgeable and specialist team who are all keen to pass on their extensive experience. Click on each of the photos below to find out more about our course tutors.

Konrad has nearly 20 years' experience in software development, including the computational engine and graphical user interface within Flood Modeller Pro. He has extensive knowledge of hydrodynamic modelling and flood forecasting.

Konrad Adams
Lead Developer

Kevin has over 8 years’ experience of flood risk management and hydraulic modelling using Flood Modeller Pro's 1D and 2D solvers and TUFLOW.

Kevin Daly
Water Engineer

Elise has nearly 20 years’ experience in flood risk management master planning, modelling analysis, and design. She has managed and contributed to projects on a variety of scales for both private and public clients.

Elise Ibendahl
Senior Modeller

Tyler has 10 years' experience with hydrologic and hydraulic modelling as applied to basin planning, flood risk, dam breach, sediment transport and stream restoration. He specialises in the application of GIS data to solve water resources problems.

Tyler Jantzen
Senior Modeller

Matthew has 8 years' of international experience on a variety of modelling and hydrology projects, with extensive experience in the UK, Malaysia, Australia and India. He specialises in integrated (multiple sources) modelling and flood risk mapping.

Matthew Kennedy
Water Engineer

Michael has almost 20 years' experience managing a range of flood modelling projects. He is the technical lead on a number of high profile national projects and has extensive experience in the research and development of software and automation tools.

Michael Murray
Senior Modeller

Adam has over 10 years’ experience of flood risk management, hydrology and hydraulic modelling having project managed a wide variety of projects ranging from small site specific flood risk assessments through to large scale flood mapping projects.

Adam Parkes
Senior Modeller

Bob has 15 years’ experience in water software development. A key part of his role is to manage the development of Flood Modeller Pro, ensuring new features are designed to best meet the needs of our users and maximise their project delivery.

Bob Potter
Technical Manager

Kostya has over 8 years’ experience working on flood risk management projects alongside the provision of support for CH2M's industry leading flood modelling software, Flood Modeller Pro.

Kostya Vasilyev
Support Manager

Jon has over 25 years' experience in flood management. A key part of his role is to work at the interface of modelling research, software development and client requirements to ensure that innovative, efficient and effective tools are developed.

Jon Wicks
Technical Director

Joe has 7 years' experience in flood risk management research and practice, including a doctorate studying the flood risk management system.

Joe Clarke

What our clients say...

"This intensive, hands-on, two-day course prepared us to use Flood Modeller Pro in real world situations. The content of the course was a good mix of basic input and theory. The instruction was very interactive and we kept moving pretty quickly through topics - so that kept my interest"

“Our instructor was very knowledgeable, personable and friendly and he conducted the course in a very professional manner. He was also very willing to help and presented things clearly. I would recommend this course for others, it was very helpful"

"As someone who was new to flood modelling, the standard of this introductory course was high, but this helped us to cover a lot of content over the two days"

"Really enjoyable and informative course. The practicals were challenging, but broken down into achievable steps, and the presentations helped to introduce the skills clearly. The tutor was a patient and extremely helpful instructor"

"Having attended the Advanced Flood Modeller training course, I was impressed with the content and delivery. The course tutor was clearly a knowledgeable and experienced modeller. He was more than happy to field various questions, provide advice on existing models in development, and offered lots of practical advice on making the best use of the software’s functionality"

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