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Flood Modeller Pro delivers a fully-integrated flood modelling experience. It brings together our industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers into one stunning new interface. Flood Modeller Free is available at no cost, enabling you to confidently apply it to smaller 1D and 2D modelling projects.

Price list

Our prices are openly published so that you know the initial and long term cost of your purchase. Our sales team are available to advise you on the most appropriate software and cost effective licensing arrangements.

Licence agreements

Licensing options

Free licensing

Flood Modeller Free is available at no cost, providing the same core features as Flood Modeller Pro, allowing you to confidently apply it to smaller projects. Should your project exceed 250 nodes or 100,000 cells, you can seamlessly upgrade.

Standalone licensing

A standalone licence is ideal for those users who work independently or as part of a smaller group within a single office. The software is run from a USB dongle and will allow users to run up to four instances of the software on a single machine at any one time.

Network licensing

A network licence is perfect for users that are based in different offices. It provides instant access to the software, making it more accessible. It allows organisations to better utilise existing software, reducing the need to purchase additional licenses.

Academic licensing

Educational establishments can use Flood Modeller Free at no cost. Alternatively, standalone and/or networked Flood Modeller Pro licences can be purchased for teaching and research purposes, at significant discounts. 

Rental licensing

Our software can be leased for 15% of the list price of the software per month. It cannot be leased for less than one month, however 50% of any continuous payments will be deducted from the purchase price should you wish to buy the licence.

Regulatory licensing

Government agencies can obtain an annual licence for regulatory review purposes. It cannot be used for commercial, educational or research  purposes. It can only be used to review models or their outputs when they are provided by a third-party.


Support and maintenance

Whichever licensing option you select, support and maintenance is available. It is charged annually at 15% of the list price of the software and provides various benefits. If an organisation maintains multiple licences, they may fall into the CH2M discount plan which reduces the cost to 7.5% of the list price of the software, plus a base cost.

Why do 96% of our clients annually renew their support and maintenance?


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