Getting started with

Flood Modeller

Start using Flood Modeller in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Simply start by downloading and installing the Free edition of Flood Modeller.

Step 2

Fast track your way to success using our step-by-step getting started guides with practical datasets.

Step 3

Apply Flood Modeller to your upcoming projects and seamlessly upgrade as your project evolves. 

Upcoming webinars

Sign up to one of our free webinars designed to provide you with 30 minutes of useful modelling knowledge to help you build, run and analyse your flood models. 

Getting more from Flood Modeller

Wednesday 12th August 2020 | 12pm BST

Adam Parkes | Hydrologist and Hydraulic Modeller

Urban flood risk and natural flood management modelling made easy

Wednesday 23rd September 2020 | 12pm BST

Adam Parkes | Hydrologist and Hydraulic Modeller

Upcoming courses

Warrington, England

10th - 11th November 2020

Introduction to 1D modelling

Warrington, England

12th November 2020

Introduction to 2D modelling

Seattle, USA

19th - 20th January 2021

Introduction to 1D modelling

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