Getting you started

Our getting started guides are designed to introduce you to flood modelling and Jacobs' industry leading software, Flood Modeller.

The following guides provide a step by step process using a range of 1D and 2D data for the River Severn in England.

Flood Modeller Essentials

This guide covers everything you need to know before you start using Flood Modeller. Ideal for beginners, but also highly recommended for those with prior modelling knowledge, you will learn terminology commonly-used in the software.

River Modelling

In this guide we introduce you to 1D river modelling. You will load a river network and learn how to setup and run 1D simulations. We will explore a selection of the multiple ways Flood Modeller allows us to visualise the results from this.

2D Modelling

In this guide, we consider the simplest approach to investigate how this affects the floodplain; using a 2D only simulation. You will build all necessary 2D modelling components, setup and run a 2D simulation, and visualise the results from this, all in just ten simple steps!

Integrated Modelling

In this guide, you will revisit your original river network and, using the 2D modelling components from the previous guide, build a model that incorporates both the 1D river network and 2D floodplain.

1D Urban Modelling

Coming soon, you'll be able to learn about Flood Modeller's new 1D urban solver and how to apply to real-life applications. 

Request a demo of Flood Modeller

If you're new to Flood Modeller, request a demonstration to find out more about how you can apply the software on your projects.

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