Flood Modeller 6.0

Answering all your questions. 


How can I upgrade to Flood Modeller 6.0?

It’s easy! Simply download the latest version of the software from our website and send a licence file to our support team.

Note: if your licence file was recently updated, prior to the release of Flood Modeller 6.0, you will need to update it again in order to access all of the new functionality.


What does the new licensing structure look like?

Visit our pricing page for further information on our licensing structure, including which features are included within each edition.


How much does the Lite edition cost?

You can access the Lite edition of Flood Modeller from £125+VAT per month, when purchasing an annual subscription.

For further information on monthly or lifetime licences, request our price list.


Why have you updated the licensing structure?

Our new simplified licensing structure now provides everything you need to undertake fully integrated catchment modelling.


Available from as little as £125 per month, including technical support, the new licensing structure provides users with more functionality, greater flexibility and further cost savings.


You can simply choose from the Lite, Standard, Professional or Unlimited editions of the software – each one is available on a monthly, annual or lifetime basis and provides you with everything you need.


For more information, visit our pricing page.


Why should I upgrade to version 6.0?

Flood Modeller 6.0 is the latest and most up-to-date version of the software. It will give you access to all the new and updated features available as part of your licence and enable you to make the most of Flood Modeller. With no need for add-ons, version 6.0 gives you everything you need in one package, for a simpler and enhanced modelling experience.

Using the latest version of the software also means your licence is fully supported and ensures it is compatible with any third-party models you may receive.


What are the other updates available in v6.0?

Please read our release notes to find out about all the new features and updates included in Flood Modeller 6.0.


How do I arrange a demo of the urban solver?

It’s easy! Simply complete our demo request form.


Once I’ve upgraded, can I use older versions?

Once you have upgraded to Flood Modeller 6.0, you won’t be able to automatically access legacy versions of the software.

Please contact our support team for further information.

Feature highlight

Model your urban drainage system and how it interacts with surface and river flows​

Laptop with software screenshot (1D urban with flood).png

Harness the power of  GPU hardware to access 2D modelling results fast

Laptop with software screenshot (Forsyth).png