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Economic Analysis

Evaluate the financial impact of flooding

The Damage Calculator tool within Flood Modeller enables users to quickly evaluate the economic cost of flooding. The mapping and reporting features in Flood Modeller allow you to analyse and present large volumes of complex economic data in easy-to-understand ways. 

Perform total damage, average annual damages, present value damages

Increase your productivity using the GIS tools and inbuilt workflows to quickly undertake economic analysis

Use the Multi-Coloured Manual and Multi-Coloured Handbook for depth damage data (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland only)

Take into account climate change, failure of existing structures, construction of new structures or other factors

Use the mapping, graphing and reporting capabilities to quickly visualise and communicate your economic analysis


Damage calculations using Flood Modeller.png

Damage calculations using Flood Modeller

In this webinar, Stephen Bilby, Senior Flood Risk Analyst at Jacobs, will provide an overview of Damage Calculator input datasets, operation and outputs, allowing you to better understand the economic damage caused by a flood event.

Dedicated tools to accelerate delivery

Using industry standard methods, Damage Calculator takes flood maps (depth grids for different return periods and at different points in time) and combines these with property datasets and depth-damage data to calculate the damage for each property affected by flooding. This data is then summed to obtain total damage for each flood event with the option to also calculate average annual damages (AAD) and, for a user specified timeframe, present value damages (PVD) values.

Specify your own depth damage data and currency to ensure calculations are appropriate to your specific location.

Damage Calculator analyses each property data point to evaluate where it lies within your flood extent depth grid data (e.g. derived from 1D or 2D modelling) and therefore what flood depth will be associated to each property for the calculation of damages.

The tool allows the user to specify whether there is any property level protection and can also be used to calculate the economic benefits of different measures to help manage or reduce the risk of flooding.

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