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Flood Modeller Pro

Flood Modeller Pro

Flood Modeller Pro allows you to model river channels, floodplains and urban areas at your chosen level of detail. This fully integrated flood modelling tool brings together CH2M’s industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers into one stunning new interface.

2D ADI solver

The Flood Modeller 2D ADI (Alternating Direction Implicit) solver is quick, accurate and robust, and has a fully hydrodynamic computational engine designed to work alone or with the 1D solver, enabling dynamic interaction between 1D and 2D models.

2D TVD solver

The Flood Modeller Pro 2D TVD (Total Variation Diminishing) solver has been developed to provide accurate representation of two-dimensional ‘shocks’. It allows complex hydraulics to be calculated more accurately and provides increased stability when compared to other solvers.

2D FAST solver

The Flood Modeller Pro 2D FAST solver is an innovative flood inundation tool designed to allow quick assessment of flooding using simplified hydraulics. It provides results in seconds or minutes as opposed to hours or days, which are up to 1,000 times faster than traditional 2D models


Flood Modeller Pro provides a selection of 1D and 2D solvers to undertake flood modelling. The TUFLOW Link enables users to dynamically link the 1D solver within Flood Modeller Pro with BMT WBM's TUFLOW model.

SWMM link

The SWMM link combines the 1D and 2D functionality in Flood Modeller with that of the US EPA SWMM model. Where pipe networks overflow, links to Flood Modeller and can be incorporated to model the resulting surface flows and possible flood scenarios.

Delft-FEWS adapter

Flood Modeller Pro can be seamlessly integrated with Delft-FEWS, Deltares’ Flood Early Warning System to provide a state-of-the-art hydrological forecast and warning system.

Flood Viewer

Flood Viewer

Flood Viewer represents flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision-making and more effective engagement with stakeholders. It is an interactive visualisation tool for flood risk management.

Flood Alert

Flood Alert

Flood Alert is our highly successful smartphone flood warning application. It allows users to receive real-time updates on flood alerts and warnings near them, at locations important to them and for the rest of England and Wales.

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