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As flood modelling plays a pivotal role in understanding and mitigating the impact of flooding on the environment and our communities, the industry faces challenges, many of them revolve around data.


Whether you undertake site-specific flood risk assessments or build hydraulic models for large flood defence schemes, the accuracy of your models heavily relies on the quality, quantity, and accessibility of the data you need.


Addressing these challenges becomes crucial for developing robust and reliable flood models that can inform resilient infrastructure planning and effective disaster management strategies.

Better understanding flood risk to make informed decisions

With innovation at the core of what we do, we strive to deliver a world-class integrated solution for all your flood modelling needs.

Data accessibility

As data becomes increasingly available and is paramount to better understand flood risk for informed decision-making, we endeavour to make a range of essential datasets as easily accessible and manageable as possible directly from within the software. With direct access to background mapping and online services or most recently with the introduction of Hydrology+, data is at the centre of our preoccupations.



We are proud to have developed some of the most robust and accurate solvers on the market. Our 1D and 2D solvers ensure you are running your simulations fast and to the highest standards for results you can trust. Our range of solvers enables you to build, run, and analyse models for open channels, surface water, and urban drainage networks because a fully integrated approach is essential for a full understanding of flood risk.

Intuitive environment

Our GIS interface provides one of the most intuitive modelling experiences. Our user experience experts to make sure our software is easy to use and offers the best workspace for new and proficient users alike. With background mapping and accessibility features available, the Flood Modeller interface makes building, running, and analysing models a seamless process.



When asked, most of our customers highlighted the efficiency of the software. Whether it is through built-in automated workflows, our Python API tool, our GPU-enabled solver, or the new Hydrology+ module, improving efficiency is at the core of our development roadmap.



Whether you undertake options appraisal projects or need to account for numerous climate change scenarios, Flood Modeller is easily scalable to your requirements from only £150 p/ month. Harness the power of GPU technology for stunningly fast runtimes, and to save time and money on your project delivery.



For nearly fifty years, Flood Modeller has been developed in close collaboration with industry experts.

The software has been used around the world for a wide range of applications and project sizes from site-specific flood risk assessments to high-profile flood defence schemes and instant flood forecasting programmes.

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