Batch Runner

Run multiple simulations at once, providing results faster and more efficiently

The Batch Runner allows you to quickly build up a batch run of multiple simulations from your project or catalogue, providing results faster and more efficiently. The simulations are run concurrently or sequentially depending on the available processors within your computer.  

Quickly batch up your simulations to obtain results faster and more efficiently

Add simulations manually by selecting specific files or automatically from the  project or catalogue

Run simulations concurrently or sequentially depending on the available hardware

Key facts

Various model types can be included within a single batch

All of the simulations are managed, including those that may fail

Real-time feedback is displayed, including metadata and diagnostics from each simulation

Enables easy viewing of each simulation being run

All of the simulations within a batch can be run concurrently or sequentially depending on available hardware. The Batch Runner lets you control how much of your available computing resource is allocated to your simulations. A batch can be made up of any combination of model types (1D, 2D or 1D-2D).

If you are using the Free, Standard or Professional edition of Flood Modeller, use the Batch Runner to schedule and automate the running of multiple simulations. 

The Batch Runner interface enables you to specify the simulations to be included in a new batch run by manually searching and selecting the relevant files. Alternatively, the interface allows you to automatically load all of the simulations in the current project or catalogue to a new batch.  You can then edit these to obtain the required run list.


The tool can be customised so that your preferred settings are saved and re-used should you want to repeat a batch more than once.

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