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Unlocking automation with Flood Modeller's Python API

Thursday 22nd June at 12:00 BST

This one hour webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of Flood Modeller's Python API, and demonstrate how it can help you streamline processes and drive innovation for your business. From improving workflows to unlocking new opportunities, this event will showcase the power and versatility of Flood Modeller's API.

We will  also explore how we can use the API to automate analysis in our model’s hydrology, and how the API can help us develop model conversion tools

Our presenters

Joe Pierce, Principal Developer

Joe works in the relatively new Hydroinformatics team at Jacobs. His role focusses on developing and applying digital solutions to some of the most complex challenges in the water and flood risk industry - anything from small automation tools to developing cloud-based systems. Since joining Jacobs in 2021, he has led the development of the Flood Modeller API. Outside of work he enjoys hiking with his dog, music and climbing.

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Philip Crawford, Senior Flood Risk Management Specialist

Phil is a Senior Flood Risk Management Specialist with over 10 years' of consultancy experience in the UK and New Zealand.  Phil has a wide range of experience including flood risk mapping, flood forecasting and appraisal. He joined Jacobs in 2018 and has since been applying his knowledge to support project teams across the UK.  Phil is also a member of the Flood Modeller team, providing technical support and API development.

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Daisy Lambert, Graduate Hydraulic Modeller/Data Scientist

Daisy joined Jacobs 8 months ago as a Graduate Hydraulic Modeller. In that time, Daisy has used Flood modeller for project work including reservoir flood studies, SFRA’s and various 1D-2D coupled models. In the past couple months, Daisy has been helping build the Flood Modeller API, working on functions to insert and remove units along with inferring what is next or previous in a reach. Daisy is currently working on Estry to Flood modeller conversion tools.


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