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Model without limits

Model rivers, floodplains and urban areas using our industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers or our unique rapid inundation solver. Use your local computer or harness the power of Flood Cloud.

Introducing Flood Cloud

Innovative solutions

We develop industry-leading software by using the latest technologies available. This, underpinned by proven performance and efficient ways of working, allows us to develop solutions such as Flood Cloud.

Cost effective

Our modular software solutions allow you to only purchase the building blocks you require. If your project evolves beyond the restrictions of Flood Modeller Free, you can seamlessly upgrade to Flood Modeller Pro.

Open system

Built on an open file system, quickly and efficiently integrate our software with your custom tools and workflows. Flood Modeller Pro also provides dynamic links to TUFLOW, SWMM and Delft-FEWS.


Unparalleled support

With over 50 sales, development and support representatives across the globe, our team has experience in the latest technology, coupled with practical experience across the engineering and water industries.

Trusted technology

With over 40 years development, and users across the globe, our software has been applied to some of the world’s most prestigious projects as well as being independently benchmarked.

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